NLE Software Reviews and Plugins

NLE Software Reviews and Plugins

NLE Software Reviews and Plugins

So you’re thinking you want to make the bold step to a nonlinear editing system. You’ve heard about the hundreds of transitions, effects and filters you can do with a mere click of a mouse. You’ve seen demos or heard stories about how easy it is to download your VHS or 8mm footage to a hard drive, put your clips in order and–presto!–make your video. Maybe you’ve been coveting a new digital camcorder or a powerful computer, and you know nonlinear is the natural choice for that combination. If you’ve looked around, then you know there is a variety of nonlinear editing software out there for all skill levels of video editors, from novice to hobbyist to professional. Here we will concentrate on the tools that professionals like to use.

We focus mainly on these platforms: Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere Pro, Autodesk Smoke and Final Cut Pro. Let us know if you think we have not addressed any software packages that you use as a professional, and we will  give you insight on that particular package from a professional standpoint. Obviously, popularity has much to do with why a software package is often discussed however, we would like to know what you use, and why. So please remember to give your comments in the section directly below an article. See you around!

Editor's Lounge - Friday, May 20

Editor's Lounge - Friday, May 20 Taken from the Editor's Lounge website: TUNE IN FRIDAY, MAY 20 AT 6:30 PM FOR THE NEXT EDITORS' LOUNGE: Plug-ins and Platforms: More Updates from NAB 2016 Latest Tools from Facilis, Adobe, and Boris FX / Imagineer Systems Following closely on the heels of last month's Editors' Lounge, this month focuses on more updates and new tools from NAB 2016. Multiple presentations will focus on greater creativity, improved performance, and tighter workflow integration. Product […]

LACPUG Meeting Wed. May 25

LACPUG Meeting Wed. May 25 This is taken from the LACPUG website. Blackmagic Design Night. Join us as we welcome back Paul Saccone who will show us everything you need to know about DaVinci Resolve 12.5. And there is a LOT to show. Plus, an intro to Fusion 8. Plus we welcome Noam Kroll who will show off the Ursa Mini 4.6, (yes it is shipping). Noam will take you through the camera as well as show footage. Speaking of footage, BMD will rent a decent projector for […]

Sapphire 9 From GenArts - What's New

Sapphire 9 From GenArts - What's New I was glad to meet Brian Fox, Director of Product Marketing for GenArts, Inc., who we spent some time with learning about some of the new features of GenArts Sapphire 9. GenArts Sapphire 9 is a robust plugin used by just about all major studios. The company has been around for over 20 years, and the Sapphire 9 plugin is a robust culmination of plugins developed over the years. This year featured some new additions that you […]

NAB Show 2016: Coverage With Tech Diva

NAB Show 2016: Coverage With Tech Diva's coverage of NAB Show 2016 is going to be even better this year than in the past years. The reason I say this is because I will be joined by someone very special in the industry whom I have known for decades. If you tune in to her weekly live stream show, Wednesdays from noon to 2p.m. PST on Ustream you will meet Zenobia, a.k.a. Tech DIVA. Her show is called Tech DIVA & […]

CES 2016: Media Content Creators Highlights

CES 2016
CES 2016: Media Content Creators Highlights CES 2016 was full of both meaningful and meaningless technology, so I attempted to compile things that had the most significance for media content creators. The Internet of Things is still trying to make headway into our lives, and one of the devices that I call meaningless (you may or may not agree) is a door lock that locks or unlocks the doors to one's home via the Internet. It is manufactured under the Brinks name […]

Resolve 12 Users Rejoice Over El Capitan

Resolve 12 Users Rejoice Over El Capitan I'm sure that many of you OSX users have seen that App Store message from time to time, suggesting that you upgrade your OS. If you are a Resolve 12 user, you'll be in heaven. However, if you want to continue to happily use your Macs with Adobe Premiere or Avid Media Composer, you should calm yourself before jumping to the next upgrade. You see, Apple has a way of upgrading their software to […]

Using 4K display with Mac

Using 4K display with Mac Not every Mac computer is capable of using a 4k display or Ultra HD TV. Apple will let you know just what is possible with your particular setup. Not only does the hardware one is working with need to be considered, but also which operation system and version are critical for using 4k display with Mac. Look at the information that Apple is providing to find out whether you are one of the fortunate ones […]

DaVinci Resolve performance improvement in 3 steps

DaVinci Resolve
DaVinci Resolve performance improvement in 3 steps As a TV and film editor, I knew I hadn't truly lived until I discovered the creative benefits of color grading. Not everyone who chooses to become an editor dares to dive into this aspect of editing. However, with all the expensive hardware and software available to do this task, the easiest one to get started with today is DaVinci Resolve. But DaVinci Resolve performance can suffer once this free (lite version) software is […]

Samsung portable SSD: T1

samsung portable ssd
Samsung portable SSD: T1 At 2.1 x 2.8 x 0.36 inches and 0.9 ounces, it isn't just smaller than most drives, it's smaller than most cellphones. The Samsung portable SSD called the T1, which will be shipping on Jan. 20, comes in 250GB, 500GB and 1TB models for $179, $299 and $599, respectively. The purchase of one of these babies will entitle you to AES 256-bit encryption which is the same as that used by our NSA to protect its […]

Avid Console Commands: 10 Useful Ones

avid everywhere
Avid Console Commands: 10 Useful Ones I hope that someone out there besides me finds these Avid console commands useful. I chose to post them because I still think that Avid Media Composer is still the video editor that has the best command in a digital nonlinear editing program. Yes, I do use other editors that take a more simple approach, but when I have tons of footage, and the need to edit very intricate scenes, Avid Media Composer is […]


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