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Many kinds of new technology that do not necessarily relate to post-production appear almost daily. We like to keep abreast of new trends as they develop to continue to be considered a forward-thinking company. Technology helps us to find new markets as they open up in which video certainly will play an important role. Video is one of the best ways to show new technology. After all, if no one knows about the technology or how to use it, what good is it?

Keeping up with the changes in the world in which we live is important for our future no matter what our chosen profession. This technology section promises to bring the latest and most innovative advancements that we believe will have an important role in our changing lifestyles. We will also bring to you those innovations that some may consider as gimmicks because they too can help to open the discovery process. Every new idea whether popular or not has a role to play in how we perceive ourselves as a culture and inspires other with new ideas and inventions. Ideas are key to creativity, and post-production needs creativity to work. We hope the articles presented here will inspire you to call on creativity that you did not think you had, allowing you to dig deeper into yourself. Ideas are limitless and sometimes seem impossible until someone is brave enough to realize there are no boundaries when it comes to innovation and the possibilities are endless.

PINE A64, 64-Bit, $15 Super Computer

PINE A64, 64-Bit, Single Board $15 Super Computer The Pine A64 is living proof that with each passing generation technology gets smaller and less expensive. The Pine A64 is a Kickstarter project that was more than successfully funded, having a starting goal of $31,416 and with current pledges of $1,731,465. If you are wondering why funding for a tiny computer like this that only sells for $15 can receive such a response from investors, consider this. Daniel Kottke, Apple Computer's […]

CES 2016: Media Content Creators Highlights

CES 2016
CES 2016: Media Content Creators Highlights CES 2016 was full of both meaningful and meaningless technology, so I attempted to compile things that had the most significance for media content creators. The Internet of Things is still trying to make headway into our lives, and one of the devices that I call meaningless (you may or may not agree) is a door lock that locks or unlocks the doors to one's home via the Internet. It is manufactured under the Brinks name […]

E1 by Z Camera

  E1 by Z Camera The E1 by Z Camera embraces the popularity of tiny, higher-than-HD cameras. The ever popular GoPro Camera increased its resolution from its fast-selling HD version. Blackmagic Design got into the game with two tiny cameras which we covered earlier this year, and Canon recently introduced its XC10 with face recognition. Now comes a product from a startup company in China called Z Camera, and the model they are introducing is called the E1. Judging from the results of a very successful Kickstarter […]

Band Pro Open House - 2015

Band Pro Open House - 2015 I had the pleasure of attending the Band Pro Open House this year, and these folks really know how to treat guests. When I arrived, my car was complimentary valet-parked, so there was no delay in getting right in to the action. One raffle ticket, pre-printed name badge, and complimentary jump drive later, I was inside, and ready to see all the things that Band Pro had laid out for its guests. Band Pro […]

Wenpod MD2 - The Perfect Gimbal Stabilizer?

wenpod md2
Wenpod MD2 - The Perfect Gimbal Stabilizer? I've researched camera stabilizers quite a bit lately, especially after the launch of the new DJI Osmo, when I came across the Wenpod MD2. This amazing 3-axis gimbal is also known by some as the Gazer MD2 Advanced 3-axis digital compact size camera / mini DSLR handheld gimbal stabilizer. Try saying that once really fast let alone three times. With all that title, what can one expect from the Wenpod MD2 in terms […]

Sony Toshiba Partnership?

Sony Toshiba Partnership? I'm not going to lie. I have had some bad experiences with Toshiba hard drives in the last 10 years. I have avoided them like the plague. In the early nineties, their laptops were built like a tank. In fact, they really were much too heavy to be carted around then but we didn't know any better. Even MacBook Pros were heavy. But by the looks of it, a new Sony Toshiba partnership isn't geared to envelop Toshiba's […]

Tascam DR-10x Plug-On Recorder

Tascam DR-10x Plug-On Linear PCM Recorder The Tascam DR-10x introduces a more compact method of recording secondary audio by using any dynamic or battery-powered microphone with an XLR connection. This device is easy to use--only recording in one sample rate (48kHz) in 48kHz/24-bit mono WAV(BWF format). Now that's okay with me and probably with you as well if you are a filmmaker/post production person. Imagine having a microphone with no cable with its own recorder attached to it as you […]

Camera Stabilizers On Parade

camera stabilizers
Camera Stabilizers On Parade On Saturday, October 10, 2015, I took the time to visit my friends over at AbelCine in Burbank for their "Modern Camera Movement: Gimbals and UAVs" demonstration. My time was well spent learning more about various types of camera stabilizers, though I did not stay for the lunch that followed. On display were camera stabilizers from DJI, Freefly and Steadicam along with Arri and Canon cameras. Our post of 2013/12/07 reveals the introduction of the Movi m-10, and […]

4k Blu ray Player From Panasonic

4k Blu ray Player From Panasonic We've been preparing you for 4k from its early infancy, and we mentioned that a 4k Blu ray player was on its way in our post of 2014/01/23. Here we are a little over a year and a half later, reporting on the release of a 4k Blu ray player from Panasonic. So what does a 4k Blu ray player play you ask? Conducting a search on Amazon will lead you to a small assortment […]

Visual Storytelling 2 Tour: SNL's Alex Buono

Embed from Getty Images Visual Storytelling 2 Tour: SNL's Alex Buono If you have ever turned on your television late Saturday night, and saw a commercial that caused you to wonder if the product or service being advertised was really real, 9 out of 10 chances it was the work of Alex Buono, Director of Photography for the Saturday Night Live Film Crew. Alex has been on a tight schedule visiting major cities in the U.S. with his second version of an […]

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