Smartphone Reviews

Smartphone reviews

Smartphone Reviews

Smartphones are an important part of our culture, and the technology used in the creation of these devices is constantly changing.  Its smaller form factor enables one to have a small screen on one’s person when on the go. This makes it convenient to watch video wherever one travels even when cell reception is poor. The smartphone has widely opened the door to video on demand with its streaming capability. Wherever video is seen, editors are involved. That is why this section is important to our trade. The popularity of smartphones increases the popularity of video streaming, and the popularity of video streaming means more work for post-production people.  It is not uncommon to want to upgrade a smartphone before it is a year old. Innovations come quickly as manufactures compete with each other to rake in your hard-earned money for their devices. Our goal is to bring you items that discuss what people are saying about the many products that appear regularly in the marketplace so that you, the user can make informed decisions. Take advantage of this section to learn what is hot and what is not. We will help you to be sure to stay ahead of the curve. Don’t forget to subscribe to and you can have this valuable information delivered to your mailbox!

Lumix DMC-CM1 Pocket-sized 4k

Lumix DMC-CM1
Lumix DMC-CM1 Pocket-sized 4k The Lumix DMC-CM1 is being touted as the "world's best camera phone because of its size, high-resolution, premium lens, and 1-inch 20 megapixel imaging sensor. Essentially an Android smartphone with a Leica branded lens, the camera made its first appearance at this year’s Photokina exhibition in Germany. So what does this camera have that the iPhone 6 doesn't? Well for starters, how about a 1-inch sensor in a 4.7 inch body. According to ForbesLife: "A 1-inch […]

Android DSLR Monitor App

Android DSLR Monitor App If you own a Canon or a Nikon DSLR, and are having problems with the focus being soft, this little $14.95 $7.99 Android DSLR monitor app may come to your rescue. This app will allow you to transform your Android phone or tablet into a video monitor large enough to achieve critical focus on whatever subject you are shooting. Seems like a small price to pay instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a separate monitor […]

Fire Phone: Live in Amazon’s World

Fire Phone: Live in Amazon’s World Those of you old enough to know who Jimmy Durante was, might remember a quote from the vaudeville/television entertainer, "Everybody wants to get into the act!" Amazon's new Fire Phone is one such product that wants to get into the smartphone act. If you like Disneyland, then you should certainly like this phone though there is nothing "Mickey Mouse" about it. I has some 3D-like features that might draw your attention to it, but […]

LG G3 Hands On: It's All About the Screen

lg g3
LG G3 Smartphones with large displays have a tendency to glare at people from across the room and the LG G3 is no exception. If it weren't for this smart cover as shown in the image above, it could become an eyesore to people in a dimly lit restaurant from its huge 5.5" display. Many other features of this quad-core smartphone can also be activated without opening the cover, making it less obvious that you are using it in say, […]

HTC M8 Hands-on Review: Competition For The Samsung Galaxy S5

htc m8
HTC M8 Hands-on Review: Competition For The Samsung Galaxy S5 As noted in the keynote address in the video above, this phone is like a piece of jewelry. It also has a modified Android Kit Kat OS with something called Sense 6. In order to fully understand how all that stuff works, I have linked to a 38 minute video that takes the time to explain all of these incredible features. Because I believe this phone to be the biggest […]

Samsung Galaxy S5: Battery life is a priority

Samsung Galaxy S5: Battery life is a priority Samsung has an excellent smartphone track record (probably thanks to folks like Cyanogen Mod and Google) for not abandoning its products like the company named after that fruit that grows on a tree. While the critics tend to blast Samsung for not being anymore innovative in the design of the S5, it still packs plenty of features in addition to having the brightest, clearest, most power conserving display available on any smartphone […]

Flexible OLED Samsung-Announcement at CES 2013

flexible oled samsung
Flexible OLED Samsung-Announcement at CES 2013 Flexible OLED Samsung This hot new technology is featured by Samsung in this amazing amateur video directly from the CES floor.  I am certain we will be seeing products that use this technology in the near future, but how will we benefit by using it? Take a look and tell us what potential you see in using the technology in mobile devices. Stu Brown Samsung AMOLED Samsung is one of the leaders in […]

Blackphone offers a mostly secure Android-based smartphone for $629

Blackphone offers a mostly secure Android-based smartphone for $629 In a perfect world, everybody's sure their right to privacy is honored. Since that's not the case, people tend to whip up special tools for protection, like the Blackphone -- a privacy-focused device whose thick veil of mystery has now been lifted at Mobile World Congress. Its creators (SGP Technologies, made up of Silent Circle and Geeksphone) said very little when the shadowy phone was announced in January, but we now […]

Galaxy S5 Speed: The U.S. Galaxy S5 will soon get a big speed boost

Galaxy S5 Speed: The U.S. Galaxy S5 will soon get a big speed boost thanks to carrier aggregation The U.S. Galaxy S5 will soon get a big speed boost thanks to carrier aggregation When U.S. operators start bonding together their LTE networks later this year, the Galaxy S5 will be one of the first devices in the market that can tap into their increased network speeds. Today the U.S. versions of the Samsung Galaxy S5 are your typical LTE devices […]

Samsung Galaxy S5 Scans Fingers, Doesn't Fear Water

samsung galaxy s5
Here it is what Samsung Galaxy fans have waited for. No more rumors but the real phone and some of its new features. It looks like Samsung gave this one some real thought as this phone sports a quad-core Snapdragon 2.5 GHz processor as well as health-monitoring software. (Take that, Apple.) The styling of the Galaxy S5 has not changed much except for the plastic back, which Galaxy lovers will most likely accept without a problem. The device now claims […]

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