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Drones are not just taking over the retail delivery business but also aerial cinematography.Video Hardware

This section exists to tell our readers about any type of tangible gear or hardware that affects the creation or the display of electronic media in its many forms. We will be reviewing anything from smartphones to 8k monitors. DSLR cameras, camcorders, lenses, lighting and camera rigs. Computers, media storage solutions, media furniture, tripods and other stuff to help you make movies or to just gawk at because you can’t afford it anyway, but you need to know about it. We’ll explore new products as soon as they arrive and gather opinions about their value to our work. We’ll tell you about the merits of a device and we’ll not forget to include its downfalls. All this to help our readers become knowledgeable and even experts on hardware they own or are considering purchasing in the future.

E1 by Z Camera

  E1 by Z Camera The E1 by Z Camera embraces the popularity of tiny, higher-than-HD cameras. The ever popular GoPro Camera increased its resolution from its fast-selling HD version. Blackmagic Design got into the game with two tiny cameras which we covered earlier this year, and Canon recently introduced its XC10 with face recognition. Now comes a product from a startup company in China called Z Camera, and the model they are introducing is called the E1. Judging from the results of a very successful Kickstarter […]

Sachtler Artemis Trinity Mechanical Stabilizer

sachtler artemis trinity
Sachtler Artemis Trinity Mechanical Stabilizer Those amazing German engineers are at it again; this time in the area of cinematography having developed the Sachtler Artemis Trinity. This device is by anyone's standards, a feat of engineering. Moving shots are all the rage these days, and if it isn't using a stabilizing device whether hand-held or motorized, it isn't going to look very nice. Enter the Sachtler Artemis Trinity. This lightweight gimbal is capable of supporting a camera up to 30kg (66 lbs). It's […]

Band Pro Open House - 2015

Band Pro Open House - 2015 I had the pleasure of attending the Band Pro Open House this year, and these folks really know how to treat guests. When I arrived, my car was complimentary valet-parked, so there was no delay in getting right in to the action. One raffle ticket, pre-printed name badge, and complimentary jump drive later, I was inside, and ready to see all the things that Band Pro had laid out for its guests. Band Pro […]

Canon XC10 Borrows From Big Brother C300 MkII

Canon XC10 Borrows From Its Big Brother C300 MKII Canon makes pretty pictures without a doubt, and the Canon XC10 follows suit. However, one has to consider the strategy that Canon had in mind when introducing this UHD capable camera with a 1" sensor and a fixed lens. The question this raises for me is, "Who is it meant for?" Camera manufacturers have a tendency to try to create idiot-proof cameras by incorporating automatic features in them. So the Canon XC10 […]

BMPCC with Canon Zoom Test

bmpcc with canon zoom
BMPCC with Canon Zoom Test On a quest to find inexpensive lenses with good quality and personal uniqueness, I came across a lens that I figured I would try. Now I have a BMPCC with Canon Zoom. The BMPCC with Canon Zoom is the 16-100mm zoom labeled V6x16 which is a 16 - 100mm TV zoom. When I received the used lens (purchased on eBay), I already had the Neewer thin C-mount to Micro Four Thirds adapter which I assembled […]

Wenpod MD2 - The Perfect Gimbal Stabilizer?

wenpod md2
Wenpod MD2 - The Perfect Gimbal Stabilizer? I've researched camera stabilizers quite a bit lately, especially after the launch of the new DJI Osmo, when I came across the Wenpod MD2. This amazing 3-axis gimbal is also known by some as the Gazer MD2 Advanced 3-axis digital compact size camera / mini DSLR handheld gimbal stabilizer. Try saying that once really fast let alone three times. With all that title, what can one expect from the Wenpod MD2 in terms […]

Sony Toshiba Partnership?

Sony Toshiba Partnership? I'm not going to lie. I have had some bad experiences with Toshiba hard drives in the last 10 years. I have avoided them like the plague. In the early nineties, their laptops were built like a tank. In fact, they really were much too heavy to be carted around then but we didn't know any better. Even MacBook Pros were heavy. But by the looks of it, a new Sony Toshiba partnership isn't geared to envelop Toshiba's […]

Tascam DR-10x Plug-On Recorder

Tascam DR-10x Plug-On Linear PCM Recorder The Tascam DR-10x introduces a more compact method of recording secondary audio by using any dynamic or battery-powered microphone with an XLR connection. This device is easy to use--only recording in one sample rate (48kHz) in 48kHz/24-bit mono WAV(BWF format). Now that's okay with me and probably with you as well if you are a filmmaker/post production person. Imagine having a microphone with no cable with its own recorder attached to it as you […]

Camera Stabilizers On Parade

camera stabilizers
Camera Stabilizers On Parade On Saturday, October 10, 2015, I took the time to visit my friends over at AbelCine in Burbank for their "Modern Camera Movement: Gimbals and UAVs" demonstration. My time was well spent learning more about various types of camera stabilizers, though I did not stay for the lunch that followed. On display were camera stabilizers from DJI, Freefly and Steadicam along with Arri and Canon cameras. Our post of 2013/12/07 reveals the introduction of the Movi m-10, and […]

4k Blu ray Player From Panasonic

4k Blu ray Player From Panasonic We've been preparing you for 4k from its early infancy, and we mentioned that a 4k Blu ray player was on its way in our post of 2014/01/23. Here we are a little over a year and a half later, reporting on the release of a 4k Blu ray player from Panasonic. So what does a 4k Blu ray player play you ask? Conducting a search on Amazon will lead you to a small assortment […]



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