Television Distribution: Is Television Still the End Goal?

Television Distribution: Is Television Still the End Goal?

television distributionIs Television Still the End Goal?

Before the rise of digital content, life for creators was a lot more simple but a lot harder: If you wanted to tell stories in a visual medium, your only real option was to head to Los Angeles or New York and work your way up the traditional industry’s ranks — and maybe, just maybe, lucking into a job making television or film.

Now, of course, the options are a lot more wide-ranging, but the path to success is much less clear. And television, meanwhile, hasn’t gone anywhere — it’s still a tempting option for creators. But is it the ultimate goal for producers?

The answer is no for Believe Entertainment Group co-founder Dan Goodman, who is happy working in the digital space, producing series like “The LeBrons” and “In the Booth” (featuring DJ Tiesto). “Trying to be flexible and minimal is the spirit of what we think digital business is all about,” he said via phone.

That flexibility means that Believe can target its programming — and where that programming can be seen — in a very specific fashion. “It comes down to the audience that we’re going after and working backwards from that,” Goodman said. “We start with audiences that we think are very active and sought after and where we can fill a gap, then we have the opportunity to take it anywhere we want.”

This is why “The LeBrons” currently runs on Xbox, while “In the Booth” was distributed on YouTube. “We don’t place any bets, and try to partner with all the biggest players out there,” he added.

For the past few years, Funny or Die has worked to expand its brand to television — currently, it has several original series airing on Comedy Central (“@Midnight”), FuseTV (“Billy on the Street”), IFC (“The Spoils of Babylon”), and elsewhere.

However, television is MORE: Is Television Still the End Goal? | VideoInk



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