Top 25 videography blogs

videography blogs

Top 25 Videography Blogs

Videography blogs are all over the Internet. However, Peer Hustle has just published a list of what they consider to be the Top 25 Videography Blogs. If you, my friends, are not aware of Peer Hustle, here’s a good reason to become aware. Many of us indie filmmakers have to get our hustle on every day, and we don’t necessarily stop for weekends. Peer Hustle refers to themselves as the “Freelancer Marketplace.” There are other websites that offer a similar service (i.e., Thumbtack), but what makes Peer Hustle stand out from the rest is its mobile app. If you are a person on the go who always wants to keep abreast of new possibilities for work, and you own an iPhone, then this is probably for you. The problem for me is that as an Android user, the app isn’t available yet in Google Play, so I can only access it via my trusty laptop or desktop. There is also a Facebook page for you to check out that can give you inspiration as you hustle. videographer blogs

Peer Hustle, the world’s first real-time on-demand mobile freelancer marketplace, debuts its mobile application today in all 50 states of America. Peer Hustle’s mobile app simplifies the process of becoming a local freelancer, and hiring local freelancers, by converting regular citizens into peer-to-peer micro-entrepreneurs within cities.

Peer Hustle iPhone App

“Businesses are already posting more than 3 million freelance jobs and conducting 100 million searches annually on online freelancer platforms. Yet, nothing innovative has been done for mobile, which is the future. Peer Hustle will make hiring local freelancers near-instant, and provide a disruptive platform for aspiring freelancers to run a full-fledged freelancing business on their phone,” said Balina.

Highlights of Peer Hustle’s platform’s innovation include:

Hybrid platform taking the best of remote and local platforms:

  • Hire freelancers or receive job proposals in your local area based on skill sets
  • Only compete with freelancers in your local area, not the entire world
  • Ability to work remotely or in-person


  • Work and/or hire remotely or in-person with other local freelancers
  • In-app messaging, phone calls and video chat for real-time communication
  • Hyper-local, similar to location based apps like Tinder, a freelancer’s location is based on their current phone’s location, not a physical address

User Experience:

  • Real people, real names, not businesses or brick and mortars
  • Every freelancer’s price is publicly displayed to save the hassle of contacting numerous providers to receive price quotes
  • Similar to Uber, integrated payments, no need to handle payment processing outside the app
  • Timed deadlines for accepting and completing jobs
  • Jobs don’t start until escrow account is funded and payment only made when job meets client’s satisfaction
  • Every job done gets reviewed, no need to ask client for a review
  • Every review is a paying customer
  • Social media integration – Built in functionality to promote to your social media channels


I thought that this might be of particular interest to my fellow indie filmmakers, so I chose to post a link here for all of you to explore. Let me know what if you think it was worth it or not by your comments. Visit the link by clicking here.

–Stu Brown



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