Upgrade old Mac Pro – HighPoint RocketU

upgrade old mac pro Upgrade old Mac Pro – HighPoint RocketU

I have the old “cheese grater” style Mac Pro, but it still has some life in it yet. However, I don’t want to have to wait so long to upload media from cards by using the USB 2 ports that originally came installed on my machine. So, what do I do to correct this? My old 17″ MacBook Pro (the one I am typing this on) has an ExpressCard 34 slot that will accommodate a card that provides USB 3, but no such slot exists on the MacPro, because it is a desktop (although it’s too big and heavy to put on a desk). I’m writing this upgrade old Mac Pro post for anyone in a similar situation. I find that the HighPoint RocketU in a post from  for Macworld to be the best solution. If you have a better one, please let me know. With the ExpressCard 34 adapter, there was no guarantee that the card would work with every type of USB 3 device however, Mauricio performed extensive testing with this card and it was found to work with many different brands of drives (although it is ).

— Stu Brown

Add USB 3.0 to a Mac Pro with HighPoint’s RocketU

Add USB 3.0 to a Mac Pro with HighPoint’s RocketU.




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