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video editing tipsVideo Editing Tips 101

I came across a site just the other day with 7 Ultimate Tricks for Video Editors. To some of you, it may sound like Video Editing Tips 101, but so what? Everybody can’t know everything. Because I like to share information no matter how advanced or simple it may be, I chose to post something about it right here for whoever might benefit from its information. I’m cool like that, cuz. Click here for a link to The home page of the site (which is quite similar to this one) and give it a shot. The paragraph below is taken from the about us page. I am posting it here because I think they are good people.

About Us is the site to find and compare all the great editing and color correction consoles in one place. It was started by an idiot who wanted to capture the explosion of technology in the video editing world. With the democratization of film making now more than ever there are so many choices for all skill levels and price ranges.

The hard work of locating all the various consoles and control surfaces has been done for you with this site. Also, informative blog posts and articles are placed up regularly to help share knowledge with beginner and advanced video editors and colorists.

Nothing is sold directly by the owner of this site but a small commission is received when many of these items are purchased by our visitors.

New and cutting edge editing peripherals are added constantly so check back often and merry editing!

The link to the post itself is below. What I liked most was hearing about the encounters that the writer, Mike Raphone, has faced while editing various projects and comparing them to the type of edits that I have encountered. You might like it too.

7 Ultimate Tricks for Video Editors –



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