Video streaming, TV at a turning point

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Video streaming, TV at a turning point

The rundown here is that major video streamer Netflix (Internet streaming service) has joined forces with cable TV, and HBO (cable subscription service) has joined forces with (wannabe Internet streaming service with its new set top box). The point of all these new ways to receive content leaves broadcast TV out in the cold. Video streaming is quickly becoming the ultimate DVR or video-on-demand that rivals cable TV’s offerings however, the two are joining forces. As a result, the two technologies are turning into rivals of broadcast television networks who provide much of their content. Enter Aereo, a company who has been transmitting broadcast TV without paying them. They are like an Internet DVR that services individual subscribers. Aereo claims there is no law against what they are doing however, broadcasters risk losing licensing fees if they are right. Litigation continues that will decide who is right and who is wrong. Whatever the outcome, it is predicted that in five years, television will be something else entirely.

— Stu Brown

video streaming

Amid new technologies, TV is at a turning point

Get ready to watch upheaval as new technologies, business models reshape viewing

Television was certainly worth watching last week, and not just the latest episode of “Mad Men.”

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court heard arguments in the case of Aereo, a company that transmits broadcast TV over the Internet without paying broadcasters for the privilege. If the high court rules that this is legal, it could devastate traditional TV companies.

On Wednesday, the premium cable network Home Box Office struck a deal with online retailer that means you won’t need a cable TV subscription to watch HBO programs on the Internet. And on Thursday Netflix, the company that pioneered Internet movie streaming, said it’ll make its service available through cable TV networks.

Whether you watch TV via cable, Internet, or rabbit-ear antenna, you’ll see the same thing — a massive industry-wide upheaval, as new technologies and business models reshape what we view, and how we view it.

“The television industry is in transformation,” said independent media analyst Jeffrey Kagan. “This entire space is going to be a completely different space in five years.” –Read more: TV, video streaming, at a turning point – Business – The Boston Globe



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