Visual Storytelling 2 Tour: SNL’s Alex Buono

Visual Storytelling 2 Tour: SNL’s Alex Buono

If you have ever turned on your television late Saturday night, and saw a commercial that caused you to wonder if the product or service being advertised was really real, 9 out of 10 chances it was the work of Alex Buono, Director of Photography for the Saturday Night Live Film Crew. Alex has been on a tight schedule visiting major cities in the U.S. with his second version of an already successful workshop named Visual Storytelling 2. As he explained, Visual Storytelling (the first tour) mainly consisted of a series of lectures however, Visual Storytelling 2 is more of a workshop where volunteers are asked to set up various lighting conditions or to become the camera person under Alex’s direction. A sort of hands-on approach to learning combined with talks, help the student to learn through Alex’s experiences, while he holds nothing back including past mistakes he admits to making so you don’t have to!

When I met Alex, I found him to be an extremely focused young man with a genuine love for teaching as well as the work for which he is known. What impressed me the most was his honest approach towards teaching and learning. He humbly acknowledged past mistakes while being careful to help his students to try to avoid same. He has the ability to teach while putting everyone at ease, leaving the student with an enabling feeling. The feeling that he or she will be able to now work more efficiently after attending and go back into the world of filmmaking with added enthusiasm.

Visual Storytelling 2 is a workshop that provides information for up and coming DPs and anyone else that is involved in film production. The advice Alex gives to those who listen is practical and invaluable for anyone deciding to embark on a career path leading to film production. Enjoy the video!

–Stu Brown



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