Wedding Gown Photography By George DeLoache

I had the pleasure of working with a good friend of mine as he did some wedding gown photography. George DeLoacheĀ is a master portrait photographer who has received many awards including one from Kodak for his portrait work. You can view some of George’s portrait work on Instagram, and on YouTube.

Aside from being an excellent photographer, George is a friendly, warm and genuine person who not only exhibits professionalism, but also has the ability to put his subject at ease. He knows what he wants to capture and he has the ability to get his subject to respond to his observations. George makes the photo worthwhile taking whether wearing a wedding gown or holding a musical instrument. Case in point: The photo he captured of me that made me look better than I have ever looked:

wedding gown

Wedding Gown Stylist/Designer

George’s studio is in the basement of this remodeled building. He affectionately refers to it as “The Bunker.” You will find it in the arts district of Downtown Los Angeles. My wife Cynthia, an extremely talented fashion designer, volunteered as the stylist during the photo shoot. She can be seen dressing our model, Kassie in some of the clips. You can visit our Shift in Season website for more information about our fashion brand. When you do, click on our blog “Love, Vitality and the Shift Dress.” We have just began posting a weekly video series called, “Vitality NOW! This series provides valuable information on how to achieve maximum vitality through science-based, clinically verified, medical nutrition.

Wedding Gown Video Tools

During George’s photo shoot I captured handheld on the fly. This became the video that you see above. The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera and a variety of zoom and Minolta prime lenses along with a Samsung Galaxy S8 were my weapons of choice. I used DaVinci Resolve 14 for all color grading and correction. Which camera do you think I used where? Feel free to leave your comments below.

–Stu Brown



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